Modern Business Tool

Designed to bring value to an important aspect of the business – Time Management.

Expect to bring up competency and efficiency in attendance, timesheet and payroll capabilities, resulting in financial and productivity gain for business owners.

Solve Business Issues

Streben is the first-ever business tool that solves your time management issues, end to end.

Reduce Manual Work

Tedious manual tasks are uniquely automated and you can expect pure accuracy.

Improve Mobility

Access real-time information on the move, anywhere with any smart device.

Increase Productivity

Do more with less.

Save Cost

Pay what you need. Save what you should.

Managing tools

Take advantage of the industry’s most prominent business trend, and power up your internal process workflow.

  • Professional and easy-to-use software
  • Clean direct interface and menu layout
  • Perfect for any screen size
  • Intelligent information on your dashboard
  • Managing tools
  • Mobile Support

    Spend less time worrying about front-end and more focusing on your products, projects and plans.

    • Professional and easy-to-use app
    • Takes few minutes to setup
    • Now available on the App Store and Play Store!
    • No bulky hardware means no cost!
  • Mobile Support
  • Constant Updates

    Enjoy new and exciting features, updated government changes and most importantly, at no additional cost.

    • Committed to make Streben better than yesterday
    • Unlimited Phone/Email/Remote support
    • Support close to you – 100% Local
    • Hassle-free updates and upgrades
  • Constant Updates
    • More Features

      Generate timely and accurate payrolls with reduced processing time

      Improve accuracy of attendance through GPS Tracking

      Determine authenticity with distance between sign-in location and actual project site

      Allow Master/Planned/Timesheet level change of schedules for flexibility in Basic/Overtime computations

      All information is stored securely on the cloud, means no hardware troubles

      View project manpower costing, real-time, as it happens

      Access real-time information on-the-go, with any smart device, anywhere

      Reduced cost of producing payroll and managing timesheets

      How it Works

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